about Us

about Us

Our MISSION is to provide our clients with that care quality and support that we would be expecting for ourselves and our family, and to create a conducive and attractive environment that will motivate, develop and retain our staff. This will enable Mulier Care Solutions ltd to continue to provide excellent care packages for our clients.
Our VISION is to care and continuously improve the health and well-being of all our clients, by working towards the highest standards and becoming the best at what we do.

Through our committed teams of care staff, we know we are reliable and quality-driven healthcare company with a diverse range of services for our clients. We continue to provide patient-centred care where the individual’s needs are considered crucial and paramount. We focus on continuous training and development to ensure employee excellence and maintain a stable, caring and compassionate workforce.

Responsible Individuals
The CEO, of Mulier Care Solutions ltd holds post-graduate degrees in Management and IT. He has several years’ experience from the industry including a position as a Manager of an IT department in a large company. He also was a Programmes Manager and a senior lecturer at colleges where Health and Social care programmes were part of the main courses taught. He has been a lecturer in various modules including leadership, Strategic management, Personal and professional development and business organisation, at both postgraduate and undergraduate degree levels. He is also a consultant in leadership and quality assurance in Healthcare industry.

The Registered Manager, of Mulier Care Solutions limited, is a qualified Registered Mental Health Nurse who has over 15 years’ experience both in the NHS and healthcare agency placement settings. She has predominantly worked with people suffering from enduring mental health illnesses as well as those with forensic background. She is a highly competent nursing professional with excellent track record.

Our Service Manager, is a qualified Occupational Therapist (OT) with several years working experience with the NHS and allied healthcare organisations. She is a sought-after OT in the healthcare industry.

Consultants and Advisors to Mulier Care

Simon Woodhead BSc MSc

Simon Woodhead is a highly experience Quality and Regulatory compliance specialist with over 30years’ experience within the NHS and Pharmaceutical industries. His career has focussed on Quality and Regulatory compliance roles within the UK and Europe with first-hand knowledge of delivering a business culture which is both compliant with regulatory bodies but which also focuses on the delivery of Quality services. The drive to establish a business whose focus revolves around the Quality of care is a fundamental to the principles that Simon expects of any organisation providing care within the community. This is not just a utopian dream but a pragmatic philosophy which delivers a service which is both compliant and a business success.